A Very Bad Look

I learned a new word today. Kente cloth. It’s cloth, which comes from Ghana, woven with traditional African colors. It’s very useful because, prior to this, I would have just written ‘cloth woven with traditional African colors’ which is a bit unwieldy. LOL.
I learned this word, of course, because Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and a whole bunch of other congressional democrats who couldn’t give a shit about black lives decided they would kneel for 8 minutes, wearing shawls of this cloth, in honor of George Floyd.
It looked terrible. Just terrible. Embarrassingly terrible. Dukakis in a tank terrible.
Police forces across the country must be demilitarized. Cops who commit murder must be prosecuted. Something must be done to improve the lives of people in our poorest communities. You know, like a jobs guarantee. A $15 an hour minimum wage. Free college. Stuff like that. All of which these people are fighting against tooth and nail.
8 minutes of kneeling on a marble floor while wearing a shawl you have no business wearing is not going to do it.
I have heard some people say that they did this at the behest of the black members of congress. If so, then the black members of congress are missing the point almost as much as Nancy Pelosi, and should also be replaced.
The people want real change. Not bullshit.

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