Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’

Normally, I don’t get too bent out of shape over Facebook’s censorship policies. First, if you’ve ever seen a site with NO moderation, you know it can get unmanageable with blinding speed. There are people out there just itching to post the most offensive stuff they can think of, and their greatest goal in life is to fuck things up. Second, it hasn’t actually happened to me that often, and I can be seriously argumentative at times. If I make a comment on somebody’s post, and they personally delete it, that’s fair enough. I have the option of unfriending them, if I’m truly bothered.
But, I’m short a blog topic today, and this caught my eye.
The poster was complaining that Facebook had NOT taken down the photo, which was, indeed, in bad taste, at the very least. The caption said something like ‘have you ever seen a Jewish sky diver?’ and showed a picture of ash being flicked from a cigarette – a wee bit of holocaust humor.
It’s not that Facebook left it up that bothers me, offensive as it is, but their excuse: “Our technology reviewed your report…” That is, no human being ever saw this. A machine failed to make the connection between falling ash and 6 million Jews being slaughtered by the Nazis, I guess because nowhere in the meme did they see the words “Nazi” or “concentration camps” or “Death to the Jews.”
Mark Zuckerberg has almost 90 billion dollars and is the 3rd richest man in the world. He can’t afford to have a team of human beings checking through to see what’s offensive and what’s not?
Community Standards, my ass. Computers don’t know shit about community standards.

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