John Bolton’s Book

I have long taken the position that one must separate the art from the artist, because otherwise you’d just be rejecting too much great art. Elia Kazan directed some great films, but his politics were reprehensible and he was narking on people to HUAC just as fast as he could. Salvador Dali and Ezra Pound were both Nazi sympathizers, and Picasso was totally abusive to the women he was with, at the very least verbally and emotionally. And I’m not going to refuse to watch the Police Academy movies just because O.J. murdered his wife. That’s not the movie’s fault.
I wouldn’t want to compare John Bolton’s book to an actual work of art, so that doesn’t really apply. But I also believe in another ancient piece of folk wisdom, which is “When your enemies are fighting, pass the popcorn.”
Because John Bolton really is a misanthropic warmonger, we’ve known that for a long time, and I don’t want to heap praise on him just for having written a book, which he probably didn’t actually ‘write’ himself, anyway. I do, however, look forward to reading some of the juiciest bits, like about how Trump begged the president of China to start buying American agricultural products, like, in October, just before the election, because that would help him get re-elected, and he added, just btw, that he was totally cool with China keeping a million or more Uighurs in concentration camps. I am looking forward to reading the bit about how Trump thought Finland was part of Russia, and how everybody in the White House thinks he’s a total moron, but I don’t want to see Bolton profiting from this book, when he was an ongoing part of this debacle, and not an unwilling ongoing part, either.
I’m sure somebody will hack, or just copy/past the relevant portions, and we’ll all read them that way. That’ll be cool.

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