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I had hoped to write a comprehensive blog with the results from some districts where progressives are running. but there aren’t too many results yet, which might be a good sign for the progressives, because when the establishment candidate is even slightly ahead, they usually announce the results before the polls even close, and when the progressive candidate is winning, it can take day, sometimes weeks or even months before the final results are announced.
On the other hand, this might be bad news for progressives because that delay in announcing a winner is a part of the system, a way to give the establishment candidate a chance to cheat.
All we know for sure at this point is that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was renominated for her seat, despite the DNC’s heavily financed attempt to unseat her, because their whole shtick about how nobody should run against an incumbent Democrat in the Democratic primary is automatically disregarded if the incumbent happens to be a progressive.
Booker should be winning in Kentucky, but they’ve worked hard at denying lots of people the chance to vote, first by reducing the number of polling stations from hundreds down to one (in one predominantly black county) and then they closed the doors while people were still in line. If the Trump-loving McGrath wins, Booker should definitely mount a lawsuit and I’ll be disappointed in him if he doesn’t.
In another district of New York, Jamaal Bowman seems to be leading, but, like I said, they are slow walking the count. There are other races that I haven’t even heard rumors on yet. So, probably more on this tomorrow.

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