Venezuela, Again

It seems like this whole, horrible election, from now until November, will be Trump and Biden trying to one-up the other in who can say the stupidest thing. Trump has a disastrous rally, and there are lots of juicy revelation’s in Bolton’s new book about how Trump thought Finland was part of Russia, and praised the Chinese president on building the world’s finest concentration camps, so Biden tweets that he’d like to start a war with Venezuela.
Maybe those weren’t his exact words, but he said he’d ‘get tough’ with Maduro and, since we’ve already imposed sanctions, which have not had the desired effect of forcing Maduro from office or getting the average Venezuelan to hate him, any toughening of the U.S. stance is a step closer to war, which there’s no reason for. Venezuela never attacked the United States.
So, Joe Biden is attacking Donald Trump – from the right. You would think, running against Trump, that pretty much anybody could claim the title of “Lesser of Two Evils,” but Biden is failing at even that.

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