What’s in a Name?

So, The Dixie Chicks have shortened their name to The Chicks, which is not too surprising, it goes along with all the Confederate flag banning and statue trashing which I’m generally in favor of, although I think it’s largely a bunch of people wanting a symbolic victory desperately, as a real one seems totally outside of our grasp.
I’m not bothered, their music will be just as good, but they didn’t really need to. They aren’t personally associated with the racism for which their region of the country is so well known, I don’t believe there was a huge hue and cry from their fans to change it, and even the word ‘Dixie’ is not necessarily offensive by itself. No more than just saying ‘The South’ is.
Originally, it referred to New Orleans, because back in the day they use to print their own banknotes, all the big cities did, and a $10 bill in New Orleans said ‘Dix’ on it, which is French for ten. They became known as Dixie notes, and New Orleans became known as Dixie, but the name had spread to include the whole South before the Civil War.
So, the term ‘Dixie’ precedes the term ‘The Confederacy.’
Still, their choice and I’m fine with it. Thinking it was unnecessary is not the same as thinking it was wrong.
Today, I’ve seen several posts from virtue signalling ‘liberals’ saying that now they should change the name ‘Chicks’ because it’s sexist. That would really be a step too far. If the name of their band was ‘The Bitches’ or ‘The Hoes,’ that would be a different matter. But, it’s an all girl band. They can call themselves whatever they damn please.

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