Outrage du Jour

Caitlin Johnstone is a better writer, and by far a more diligent journalist than I am, so you can read her take on this story here. What I’m going to say is basically in agreement with that.
The story is that Russia paid Taliban fighters a bounty to kill American troops and Trump knew about it and did nothing. Johnstone (and myself) believe the story is probably bullshit.
First, it is very similar to the reporting done about Saddam Hussein and his ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ which I put the old scare quotes around because, of course, they never existed. But the New York Times claimed he did, and said they had a source. Then, the White House said ‘Hey, the New York Times said it, it must be true.’ The New York Times, instead of saying ‘hey, wait a minute, we were quoting you, so you can’t use our story as proof that you were telling the truth if you weren’t actually telling the truth,’ just carried on with their story.
This is similar. The Times published the story, saying they had a government intel source. The Washington Post covered the story, using the New York Times as a source, and so on.
2nd point, U.S. intelligence agencies lie all the damn time. They lied about the weapons of mass destruction, they lied about the babies being pulled from incubators, they lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident and never stopped lying for the rest of that war, they lied about the Lusitania, it really was hauling munitions, and they lied about the U.S.S. Maine.
3rd, it’s not something the Russians had to do. The Taliban are perfectly happy to shoot at Americans, without being paid a bonus for it. Just as U.S. troops are willing to shoot at the Taliban, or drone bomb a wedding party, whichever comes first.
4th, we could solve the whole problem just by pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. I don’t have any idea why we are even there.
5th, if the story is true, of course, impeachment proceedings should start tomorrow. But, they won’t.

Therefore, it’s logical to assume the story is false.

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