Eurovision, the Movie

Just watched Eurovision, the movie. Not Eurovision, like actual Eurovision. But, it was equally entertaining, if not more so. If Will Ferrell doesn’t totally make you cringe, that is.

I thought they captured the Eurovision atmosphere and, even more importantly, the Eurovision mania atmosphere, very well. It had some very funny scenes of stupid songs from bands in over the top costumes, and some actual, very nice musical numbers, and a super shmaltzy love story.
Will Ferrell, to me, is sort of a lesser Adam Sandler. Their comedy persona is based on being so obnoxious that you just have to get over it and laugh at them, although when one of their films misses, it’s cringeworthy.
This film was a bit cringey (not nearly as bad as Elf) but, like I said, as a documentary on Eurovision, it went right to the core. Also, it worked pretty well as travelogue, with lots of beautiful Icelandic scenery, whales, glaciers, fishing boats, and there was quite a bit about elves,who were never actually seen but played an important part in the plot.

I’ll give it a 3 stars out of 5. It’s on Netflix so, if you’re tired of murder and want some cheap laughs, there are worse ways to waste an hour and a half.

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