The English language is constantly evolving, and quite rapidly the last few years, with influences from social media and all, and sometimes a new word will appeal to me and sometimes it just strikes a wrong chord. In the case of the name Karen being used for an entitled, self-righteous, suburbanish white female, often a bit racist, I am not on board. It is both too vague and too specific. Of course, it applies to women who call the police on black people for doing completely normal things, like barbecuing or bird watching or walking down the street. But it seems to be being applied much more generally. And, there are moments when it’s perfectly appropriate to ask to see the manager.
Also, is there an equivalent male term?

But, besides the word, let’s examine the behavior. One would have thought, after the first incident of internet shaming, women across America (because this particular brand of insanity only seems to happen there) would have said “Well, better not ever do that or everybody will see me on the internet.” Yet, the incidents continue, each one more ridiculous than the last. What this proves is, quite simply, these people do not think like us. Whereas most of us watch those videos and say “OMG, what a crazy, horrible person” there is a very large subset of people, which probably includes a dominant percentage of their family and friends, are probably cheering them on.

So, are these people arrogant and self-righteous (and racist) or insecure and craving social support (and racist)? So, maybe there does need to be a word. But, we also need to analyze the phenomenon.

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