5 Choices

If you are a vbnmw voter, today’s blog is not aimed at you. I am not going to change the way you vote, you are not going to change the way I vote. You have made your bed, and you can lie in it, like Joe Biden lied about his grades in college.
This is addressed to my fellow Berners, who are very split about what to do in November. And, yes, I know I have written a very similar blog at least once before. The thought bears repeating.
The way I see it, Berners have 5 choices, and only one of them produces a positive result.
1. We could sit the election out, refuse to vote. It’s our right, it is not wrong, but it accomplishes nothing.
2. We could write Bernie in, which accomplishes nothing. In many states, those ballots will be tossed out.
3. We could vote for Joe. Fuck that, as far as I’m concerned. Worse than voting for Trump, it acts as an endorsement of the corporate machine.
4. We could vote for Trump. Strategic, maybe, in view of 3, but I could never bring myself to do that. I would feel dirty forever. I suspect most of you are the same.
5. We could vote Green. Same agenda as Bernie, and it is a vote against the two party system. It is a vote for the right to vote for what you believe in. That’s how I’ll be voting.

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