Well, I’ve been a bit slack on the old blog writing lately, so here is my 2nd blog for today and that should even it out a bit.
I was just sitting on my balcony smoking a joint a few minutes ago and suddenly got hit with a revelation. Now, like many great revelations it sounds kind of obvious when I put it into words. In that, it resembles many great revelations, like Archimedes principal of displacement discovered when he sat down in the tub, or Newton’s almost undoubtedly apocryphal apple leading him to think of gravity, or Freud’s blinding insight that the dreams are coming from inside your own head and not from God or your dead ancestors, or any of that crazy stuff that preceded him.
So, a lot of people will read this and say well, duh, that’s obvious, and a lot of others will read this and say well, duh, you’re stoned, and that’s O.K. I am, a bit.
But, here it is: There was a run in my joint, what some people call a canoe. Don’t know why, but they do. You know, when the paper has burned faster down one side than the other and you’re left with a big chonk of ash that won’t fall, and a joint at risk of totally falling apart.
Well, I did what every stoner does, wet my finger a bit and brushed it on the faster burning side. It really only takes a touch, the slightest bit of dampness and the fire will move to the other side.
Because fire, like water, will always follow the path of least resistance. What do fire and water have in common? They are both naturally occurring phenomenon, like wind, and light, and lightning. All of which follow the laws of physics, one of which is to follow the path of least resistance. They are totally indifferent to the whims, desires, and even the needs of human beings.
If we can learn to live in co-operation with the physical universe, we will do great, and maybe someday in the future we’ll all be living in giant bubble cities in the sky. If we can’t, we will suffer for it.
Human nature is a whole different problem, we haven’t figured that out yet.

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