Learning from Others

Just saw a great meme and it goes like this: “Remember when there used to all those articles about how Europeans live than Americans because they drink red wine and eat lots of olive oil or bullshit like that? Turns out it was universal health care the whole time.”
There’s a great deal of truth to that. While there are regions where people live very long and its usually some rural region where people have a healthy diet and lifestyle, and it’s proven that lack of stress is a major factor, there’s little doubt that a lack of health care is part of what’s holding the USA back.
It should be kind of obvious, it should be the way of the world that all the leaders would look, for a moment, at which countries do better than others and see if you can spot the pattern and then everybody should copy what they’re doing.
Colorado legalized marijuana and it worked out great. Everybody should follow their lead. France has a really cool high speed train. Every country deserves really cool high speed trains. South Korea, I have heard, has the fastest computer connection in the world. Whatever South Korea is doing, doesn’t it make sense that every country should do that?
You could extend the same logic to any problem. Which nation handled the pandemic best? We’ve got stats for that. Whoever nipped it in the bud the quickest, and had the fewest deaths, well, whatever protocol they followed is probably the protocol the whole world should follow next time around. And it is absolutely certain that universal health care played a part.

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