The Odzbroyne Effect

I am interested in dreams, I like it when I can remember and try to analyze my dreams, but that happens less and less lately. I’m not sure if that’s old age, marijuana, watching too much TV (sometimes my dreams are set within whatever show I was watching before bed) or a combination of the three. Then I came up with another theory.
Short term memory v. long term memory. Now, scientists have discovered that it takes something like 6 or 7 seconds for short term memories to be stored in your long term memory, which explains why people who wake up in the hospital after an accident which caused them to lose consciousness pretty much never remember the accident itself. Their last memories are about 6 or 7 seconds before, because that last part never got stored in long term memory.
So, I thought, the key to remembering your dreams may be just making sure you think about them within 6 or 7 seconds of waking up. So, I went to sleep last night determined to try that out. Well, I can’t say it was the first thing I thought about in the morning, not consciously, but I did hang on to a couple of snippets of the dream. There was a tall, wooden, rickety house, maybe a bit like the Weasleys’, and it was painted a very light blue-green, and I was there for a large part of the dream, sometimes teaching and sometimes just looking in and out of rooms. Then there was something about the “Odzbroyne Effect” I’m not sure I’m spelling that exactly as it was in the dream, I don’t think I ever saw it written down and my memory may have changed it in those few, initial, essential seconds but, there it is.
So, did it work? Did I remember more than I normally would have? I don’t know, I’ll have to experiment with this for a while.

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