Goya Girl

I guess the guy who owns Goya Foods is a big Trump supporter and donor and whatnot, as a certain variety of extremely rich people sometimes are, and so people are boycotting Goya foods, because’s Trump’s a dick.
So, Ivanka Trump poses holding a can of Goya black beans. And she gets plenty of flack for that because, despite the original boycott, it’s kind of unseemly for the president’s daughter to be using her position, and her name, to advertise a product for a private company. It would seem to be using her office (she does have some position in government, I don’t know what it is) for personal gain, which is one of the definitions of corruption.
The Goya guy is a multimillionaire, I’m sure he can get through this without her help.
So, anyway, Ivanka gets owned by AOC, and plenty of other people, on Twitter, so Daddy has to jump into the fray, posting a photo (from the oval office? Appears to be so) with a whole bunch of Goya products spread out on his desk, sitting behind it with a big old thumbs up sign.
He’s using his office (literally) to advertise the product of a company whose boss is giving him money.
And nobody’s going to do a damn thing because congress is filled with losers and sycophants.

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