A Most Suspicious Murder

Esther Salas is a judge, her husband Marc Anderl a defense attorney, and their son Daniel Anderl was just a college student. The alleged murderer, who was found dead of a gunshot wound in his car, was a lunatic men’s rights activist.
Now, I’m not saying that because he killed somebody (allegedly, of course), I’m saying that because people who talk about men’s rights are always misogynistic weirdos. There is no right on this Earth that men don’t have. They are being totally paranoid.
Now, there are a lot of questions about this case. First up, who was the target? It could have been either Esther (who was not at home) or her husband, they’re in the same field and both could have enemies. Nobody thinks the son was the target, and yet he’s the one who is dead. That is tragic.
I’ve seen some sources say that Esther Salas is working on the Jeffrey Epstein case, but that is not currently possible, of course, because Jeffrey Epstein is dead. However, it’s true that she’s involved in a case between Deutsche Bank and their shareholders, and among the shareholders complaints is the Deutsche Bank shouldn’t have been doing business with so many sketchy characters, of whom Epstein was an example.
Still, anywhere close to that case and suspicions and conspiracy theories abound.
Police seem to think the murderer (alleged, but deceased, whose name was Roy Den Hollander) was after Judge Salas because of his weird men’s rights obsession. I must admit, even if this was a huge conspiracy dealing with Epstein and the currently imprisoned Ghislaine Maxwell, that’d be a great cover story.
I’m sure we’ll get more information in the coming days. And more speculation.

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