Vacation: Day 1

Here we are at our little hideaway for the week in a village near Lake Liptovska Mara. We are satisfied with the accommodations, and had a lovely dinner of Halušky and Brindza cheese, which was more than filling. I could feel myself getting fatter as I ate.
A couple of observations on the trip so far:

When we went to change money yesterday, we had a thousand dollars U.S. on us, and I suggested we change it all into Euros. Helena said no, we’ll mostly be using the card, just change 500. So that’s what we did. We’ve only been in Slovakia a few hours, and it’s almost gone. To be fair, most of it went to pay for the week’s accommodation, and we’ll still be able to change money, so not a problem, but damn…the cash just falls through your fingers like sand, sometimes.
The D1, which Czech people complain about all the time, would actually be a very pleasant, scenic drive except for the constant construction and traffic jams. Also, you don’t notice it until you are in a jam like that, there really are a shitload of trucks on the roads. We were a bit overwhelmed in our little car, like a monkey walking among the elephants.
Now, this last observation is going to make me sound like a crotchety old man not up with the times, and I get that. It’s a new world. But, when your waitress is dressed in Slovakian folkloric costume, i.e. big, poofy red skirt with a white floral pattern, that huge tattoo above the ankle really is a bit jarring. No way around it, though, I guess. Everybody’s got them, nowadays.

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