A Day at the Lake

I’m kind of torn as to whether to write a vacation blog, just about what we did today, which I’ve found that most readers prefer, or a political blog, because there’s an issue I really want to comment on, so I’m going to do both.
The vacation blog comes first. We spent the day at the lake, and it was lovely. The first place we went to was a private beach, a yacht club or something, and we couldn’t get in. We left the car parked there and walked through the woods until we got to the lake, and the kids were not impressed. It was not much of a beach, mostly rocks, and although I thought it was perfect (and free), family harmony is more important than what beach I like and besides, I was outvoted 3-1, so we went back to the car and drove another couple of kilometers till we came to the public beach.

It was a nice beach, a big grassy lawn, and the water was not too cold, but that was just the start of what they had there. It was the starting point for boat tours around the lake, and also you could rent jet skis, paddle boats, paddle boards, and all sorts of other stuff. We swam for a while, laid around and did nothing for a while, went for lunch at the restaurant there (there was also a smaller snack bar), and then rented a paddle boat, which didn’t work very well. It was very hard to steer and mostly just went around in circles.
Then we stopped and toured the town of Liptovsky Mikulaš, which was tiny, but had a lovely pedestrian zone in the center. The fountain was an artificial brook that ran for about three blocks and there were plenty of children playing in it, and there was outdoor dining pretty much the whole length of it.
We had ice cream, then went grocery shopping, and now we’re ‘home’ and just had dinner in. I’m going to go out for a walk before it gets dark because there’s one photo I want to get, a sign I thought was quite humorous, but the sightseeing part of the day is done.
Tomorrow, hot springs.

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