“Thermal Springs”

It was a lovely day. We toured a 14th century castle in the morning, and then went to the ‘hot springs’ in the afternoon. I put that in quote marks because, while I had visualized sitting in some vaporous, almost boiling hot water coming naturally out of the ground in a beautiful, natural setting, it turned out to be just another aqua park.
Still, it was a good one, the kids had a good time, the wife and I had a good time and they had one feature I particularly appreciated.
We’d wandered around a bit, experienced the two heated pools (one hotter than the other), swum a couple of laps in the cold pool, sat for a while in the bubbling jacuzzi, and then I found it – in the cooler of the two hot pools. A circular rail, right in the middle of the indoor section, the top of which was just slightly submerged.
My kids were saying “What’s this for?” and there were some smaller kids treating it like an underwater jungle gym, but I saw it’s true value right away. If you hooked your knees over it (ankles worked, too, but not as well) you could, without any effort at all, remain floating on the surface. Ears underwater, all of the sounds of the crowd were tuned out, and staring straight at the ceiling, well above, it was very much what I imagine a sensory deprivation chamber would be like. Extremely relaxing.
Tomorrow, we are going to an archaeological skanzen. Skanzen is a Czech word (and apparently a Slovak one as well) which basically means outdoor museum. Maybe some other stuff, too, if there’s time.

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