Last Day in Jasna

The lesson from today’s sightseeing is that I probably, in view of my age and weight, should not plan two events on the same day which involve hiking up bloody mountains.

However, the archaeological skanzen was well worth it. The view of the lake as we hiked up was spectacular, and it was fascinating to see what people in this part of the world lived like 2300 years ago. We hear about the Greeks and Egyptians, but there were people living all around the world then, on little farms like the one we saw. A small log cabin, a pen for goats, a chicken coop I think because it was elevated, and a well. It was a reconstruction, of course, but lovely to see, and ponder on.

Then we did make it to the natural hot spring, which was not all that hot, and the kids refused to get in because, admittedly, it looked a bit gross, but I enjoyed it.

Then we went for lunch, and it was the best restaurant experience I’ve had in a very long time. Via Jasna is the restaurant just a few steps from where we are staying, practically on the property, so we kind of felt we should try it before we left. Not expensive and we all left stuffed. Because Helena and I had both ordered from the daily menu, we both had a cabbage soup coming, but what they brought to the table was a huge pot of cabbage soup. It wasn’t like an all you could eat thing because it was just the first course, it was an obviously way more than you can eat kind of thing. Then our meals arrived, and they were all goodly portions as well, Sam’s rib platter was particularly impressive, my spinach tagliatelle was delicious, and Helena and Isabel both had salads. I was quite surprised that Isabel finished, she almost never does, but all of the food was as good as it was plentiful.

After that, we went to an ice cave. Well, H and I balked at the price and just sent the kids in, but that was also a walk up the mountain to the entrance, where we waited for the kids and enjoyed the spectacular mountain view. When Sam told me there were 200 steps inside the cave, I felt totally justified in our decision.

Tomorrow, we drive home. We’ll see a couple of things on the way home, but tomorrow night’s blog will be written from Prague.

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