A Wasted Day

First day back and I’m right back to my old, bad habits. Had intended to work on a long poem which has been niggling at the back of my mind for a few weeks now, I’ve got the first couple of stanzas and some notes, the idea is that each person has a universe inside their heads and so communication is like communication with an alien civilization, sort of, and if we can ever open our minds up to each other, oh, how far we will go, but then I smoked a joint and the whole day went kerflooey. Watched several episodes of Voyager. On the one hand, I hate that they overuse the holodeck, and in fact that’s one of my complaints about sci-fi in general, you’ve got people out there in Starships exploring the universe, and all of a sudden they’re having a shootout in 1930s Chicago or having a pint in a quaint Irish village, so why even bother setting the show in space in the first place, eh? On the other, on 2nd viewing, those were some of my favorite episodes. Then a couple of episodes of a new series (new to me, anyway) called Good Girls about 3 average women who go on a crime spree. The show can’t figure out if it’s a comedy or a drama, and that’s a problem. On the other hand, it has had some funny moments, so I’ll give it a while more. Then, with Helena, we watched a couple episodes of Borgen, a Danish political drama, which we watch with English subtitles. If you’ve ever watched any of those cheesy shows about a fictional American president, this is the same thing, but in Denmark. Then she went to bed so I snuck in another episode of Voyager and now I’m writing this. I’ll work on the poem tomorrow.

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