More Incentive to Vote Green

Any Sanders supporters who were planning to vote for Biden because “once we get him elected, we’ll be able to pull him further to the left” just got a big kick in the teeth.
Not only did the party not include a medicare 4 all plank in the party’s platform, despite the fact that it’s overwhelmingly popular, kind of a necessary program in terms of pandemic prevention, and tested and proven to work throughout the rest of the developed world. They might have some reasons they give out at press conferences, but the basic point is that they want health care to continue to be an expensive proposition, so their donors can continue to make lots of money.
Another message they’re sending with this is “We don’t give a fuck about Sanders voters.”
Ditto with marijuana legalization. It’s widely popular, has scientifically proven health benefits, and the states where it is legal are totally happy with the deal. Extra revenue and healthier, happier people.
But the DNC doesn’t want that, because they are old farts and don’t want that because, see above, they want their donors to continue to thrive and they also want an excuse to throw somebody in jail when they need to.
So, there is zero chance of ever moving Biden to the left. Might as well vote Green.

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