Bill Clinton’s Eulogy

I know my blue no matter who friends will say this is no big deal. It wasn’t illegal for Jim Clyburn to endorse Biden, and it isn’t illegal for Bill Clinton to praise him for it.
But to any Bernie Sanders supporter, it was a kick in the teeth, a taunt, a fuck you of epic proportions, a neener -neener, we screwed you good and now you’re nothing.
He thanked Clyburn for “ending the intra-family fighting in our party.”

It’s clear he’s referring to Clyburn’s (and several other prominent black South Carolina politicians) endorsing Biden directly before the South Carolina primary. And there’s a big implication there that Bill Clinton had a part in that. As did Barack Obama (who was praised in the same sentence), as we have always suspected.
But they haven’t ended the intra-family fighting in the party. If anything, Clinton has heightened the anger and revulsion Sanders’ supporters feel toward the DNC, with his sneering, mocking tone.
One of the worst things about it was this was supposed to be a eulogy for John Lewis. And Bill Clinton uses it to celebrate the coup against the one Democratic candidate who’s been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Maybe it was actually a eulogy for the Democratic Party.

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