I’ve been called a Russian (not that there’s anything bad about that. I’ve known many Russians I liked very well), a bot, a Russian bot, a troll (well, sometimes I do stir up shit, but not just with the intention of stirring up shit to deliberately anger people because I think that’s funny, so I’m outside the technical definition, but O.K.), a hater, a traitor, a low-life, a cynic and a fool because I plan on voting for the party who’s platform most closely reflects my personal opinions, i.e. the Green Party.
It’s not coming from Trump supporters. I don’t know any Trump supporters in real life, although I have a few among my Facebook friends, I suspect. Politics has not been my only criteria for adding friends.
It is not coming from the Libertarians. I respect the Libertarians, in a way. I think they’re kind of nuts, and their political and economic viewpoints range from misguided to cruel, but they believe what they believe and can usually make a coherent argument for it.
No, it’s coming, of course, from the vbnmw, eat the half bowl of shit that’s put in front of you Democrats. They are outraged that there is opposition.
It’s cool. I’m an adult and my self-esteem is not likely to be greatly affected by a bit of keyboard outrage.
It does irritate me, though, to be called a cynic. If you can look at the state of the world today and not be cynical, you need stronger glasses.

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