Poetry and the Zoo

Normally, my days consist of watching TV, arguing with people about politics on Facebook, and smoking way more pot than your average person in their 60s.
But, today was a bit different. Well, the morning was like that. Then my wife, our daughter, our niece and I took a bicycle trip to the zoo. It’s not too far, it’s a pretty good bike path for most of the way, along the river, you can watch the kayakers practicing in their stairstep pools which look like a salmon ladder. The zoo was nice, it hasn’t been so long since I’ve visited it that there was anything new, but their were a couple of baby elephants just a few months old, which was cute, and we were all seriously impressed with the giant newts, except for Helena, who stayed out of that pavilion on the grounds of ew, gross.
The second event was the poetry reading, which I just got back from, and there was a bit of a link between the two because I wrote a little poem at the zoo, which went like this:
There are kangaroos, and wallabies, and even wallaroos
Which are, at least as far as size, somewhere between the two
We saw a few of them today, while strolling through the zoo
Lovely, lovely, lovely wallaroos
and it was as popular as any of the other poems I read.
It was a lovely reading, at Grebovka, but ended with a rare twist. Two park service guys came around and told us we were making two much noise, and drinking in the park was not allowed after ten p.m. They carried on with the reading, but I took that as my cue to leave.

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