The New Look

For a couple of days I’ve been hearing from Facebook friends about how much they hate the new layout of Facebook and I was a bit mystified because I didn’t see any changes.
Then, about two hours ago, it changed. It’s different enough that you notice it right away, although I haven’t noticed too many serious changes. Chat is still there, birthday notifications are still there, my groups are still there.
It does seem to be missing the ‘activity log’ feature, but I only use that to see if people are replying to my comments and, if they are, I will see it under notifications.

I don’t really understand the business logic of it, though. If the system works, why tamper with it? Does Mark Zuckerberg have nothing better to do? Does he think this will bring him a lot of new business? (I kind of suspect that everybody who wants to join Facebook has already joined) Does he think it will attract a younger, hipper crowd? I doubt it.

It’s a minor irritation (as much as I haven’t found anything seriously wrong with it, I haven’t seen anything advantageous about it, either) which I will get used to and in a couple of days it will seem like it was always that way.

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