Put the Killers in Jail

Not only has the murderous, racist cop who shot Jacob Blake in the back, point blank, seven times, not been arrested, the press is barely talking about him at all. I have heard the name Luke Courtier, and Officer Courtier has left horrible comments on Facebook in the past, like “it was a good shot” after a police murder in 2014 (Yes, this shit’s been going on that long), but other sources say he was just one of the other officers on the scene, and mainstream media is not a lot of help.
Now, we already have a new villain in Kenosha. His name is Kyle Rittenhouse, he’s 17 years old, loves guns a lot, black people not so much. He was there as part of some Blue Lives Matter militia, and he murdered at least two people with what I shall just describe as a big, scary, military level weapon, and let the gun nuts argue about what it was. It’s pretty clearly visible in some shots.
The thing is, toward the end of the video I saw, he’s walking toward the police, sirens are blaring, ambulances, police cars, and armored troop transports are moving into the area, a man behind him is shouting “Hey, hey, he just shot all those people back there.” You can hear somebody from one of the police cars saying ‘Get out of the road!’ Not, ‘Get down on your knees,’ or even ‘Sir, would you please put the weapon down.’ He just kept walking and all the vehicles were passing him by.
I guess he was arrested later.
A courtesy the police should have extended to Jacob Blake. Then we wouldn’t be having this whole situation.

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