A Lack of Clarity in Portland

As usual, I blame the media. It’s been a day and a half since a man was killed in Portland, and the press has released nothing but the muddiest of details. There were clashes between BLM protesters and Trump supporters. Shots were fired. One man is dead.
They haven’t released his name. It also took them several days to release the names of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims. That should really be a reporter’s job #1, to find the names of the victims and release them. These are people. They have families. That’s the story.
They don’t do a really good job of describing the scene. There were clashes. Yeah, big surprise. That really puts us in the middle of the action.
They’ve even been hesitant to describe the victim as a Trump supporter, although they said he was wearing the hat of a right wing group (Patriot Prayer) so, it’s pretty clear that he was.
The significant part of this story, the way I see it, is (beyond just being a tragedy because somebody died) that this is the first time it was one of them instead of one of us.
Not that I’m celebrating that. It was probably inevitable, though. Peaceful protest has been ignored. Peaceful protesters have been assaulted, harassed, and intimidated. Peaceful protesters aren’t so peaceful any more.
It’s a bad thing. If this winds up leading to a Civil War in America, it’s not likely the left, the 99%, the good guys will win. Certainly, lots of people will die.
We are good people, good at having good ideas, good at writing memes, good at polite, civil discussions, but very few on the left are good with weapons or military tactics, and very few on the left are eager to die. We are not, as a general rule, violent people.
So, we should can the talk about civil war. It’s rhetorical, it’s metaphorical. I know I, for one, don’t really have the stomach for it.

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