Why do we think Trump Supporters are Stupid?

There is a comment going around social media, perhaps you have seen it. It’s from a writer named Adam Troy-Castro and it is in response to a Trump supporter’s question, “Why do liberals think we’re all stupid.”
Well, his answer is brilliant. He recounts a list of all the horrible, racist, sexist, insensitive things Trump has done and said and then concludes with (I’m paraphrasing) ‘Stupid is the generous assessment, because if you aren’t stupid you are seriously some sort of heartless monster.’
Despite the unquestioned brilliance of his response, I have a different one, because I’m contrarian like that.

Of course we think you are stupid. Sorry, but it’s true, and you probably know it, too, deep down. All those report cards in school when you got 4’s and 5’s and most of the kids were walking home with 1’s and 2’s and maybe a couple of 3’s, did you think that made you smarter because you got a higher number? And how do you think we know you got bad grades in school? Because you still can’t spell and you make basic mistakes in grammar. When you’re called on it you say it doesn’t matter, but the truth is intelligent people can look at what you have written and take a reasonable guess at your IQ, or at least your educational level, from that.

A smart person can spot a stupid person as easily as a sober person can spot a drunk. Of course, there are ways you could mask your stupidity. Don’t talk too much about things you don’t understand, like science, or politics, or great literature. If you write, use spell check (the squiggly red line) it will catch about 50% of your mistakes.
It’s not a crime to be stupid. It doesn’t make you a bad person. But don’t think nobody can tell.

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