Some Say the World Will End in Fire…

I haven’t researched this deeply, but looking at all the pictures friends up and down the American west coast have posted, and looking at a map of where the fires are raging, I’m starting to wonder if this will be as bad as the fires in Australia, which ran from June of 2019 to May of this year, or the California fires of 2018, which killed over 100 people.
I sure hope not, but it’s not looking good. In fact, it’s LOOKING terrible, as I see photo after photo of orange skies, days without daylight. One picture that’s becoming rather iconic (or viral, if you prefer) is of the Golden Gate bridge. One truly brilliant meme that’s making the rounds uses this photo, accompanied by Nancy Pelosi’s infamous quote “The Green Dream, or whatever they call it.”
Well, we call it the Green New Deal, but Green Dream will do. I dream of a day when more trees are planted than are burned down. I dream of a day when we can employ technology that already exists to get water to where we need it when we need it and thus prevent wildfires, floods and drought. I dream of a day when we have electric trains and electric buses linking all of the places in the world so that we’re not pouring carbon into the air and inviting our own extinction.
A great start would be if these fires inspire the citizens of San Francisco to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, who has nothing but contempt for the environment, and who has enabled Donald Trump just as she enabled George Bush before him.
There is no one person who is solely responsible for this situation, but there is no doubt she is a big part of the problem.

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