Mass Missing of the Point

O.K., this happened a couple of days ago, but pretty much every comment I see on it misses the main point. One of the many wildfires raging throughout the American West at the moment was started at a gender reveal party. Now, a gender reveal party is a harmless bit of fun, where expectant parents invite friends and family, to announce whether their upcoming baby is going to be a boy or a girl.
So, instead of saying “Hey, people at these parties should be a bit more careful with the fireworks” people are raging about what a horrible thing gender reveal parties are, which makes absolutely no sense. It’s like hating Nickelback. Once the mob has picked somebody, or some thing, as the worst thing in the world, most people just go along, whether it makes any sense or not.
It is entirely possible to have a gender reveal party without an open campfire, or fireworks. It is entirely possible to have one indoors. It is entirely possible to have one at a restaurant, or at someone’s home.
On the other hand everybody, whether they are attending a gender reveal party, a family reunion, a team building picnic, or a rock concert, should have enough sense not to play with fire during the late summer months in regions which regularly burst into flames.
Don’t make things about something they’re not about. That’s just silly.

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