Fire and Flood

As fires continue to rage all up and down the West Coast (I believe there were some fires as far north as British Columbia but, as with Covid-19, the authorities have dealt with them in a more effective manner), Hurricane Sally is fixing to smack into Mississippi, Alabama and North Florida on Wednesday. It’s a one-two punch.
My question is, how did we get from Laura to Sally so fast? It seems they just skipped over some letters, or maybe Hurricanes have become so common that they don’t all even get reported.
Also, another huge chunk of Greenland ice just slid off into the ocean, which adds to the rising sea levels, which feeds more hurricanes.
And it’s not going to get any better. Sooner or later there will be a hurricane so severe that it will change the map, or some major city will be totally gone. Maybe then people will notice. Maybe then it will be too late.

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