It’s effect on the campaign will be minimal. Most people already know how they are going to vote. And it’s not as if it’s a policy thing, where he said something stupid, like “I am not going to ban fracking” or “I will veto any Medicare 4 All Bill that crosses my desk” or “Nothing is going to fundamentally change.” It was just a lame, awkward performance, and Biden supporters are plenty used to ignoring those.
While campaigning in Florida, Joe Biden took the stage and said “I’ve only got one thing to say” and then pulled out a phone, took a moment to figure things out, and then played ‘Despacito.’ I guess because he was introduced by the guy who recorded the song, but it’s also because he’s not doing so great with the Hispanic community. (I should be tired of rubbing it in, but I’m not – Sanders was extremely popular with the Latino community).
I don’t think it will do him much harm, but it certainly didn’t do him any good. First, this is not even a question of how it played with that audience. That audience (which isn’t shown in this video) seemed (from the amount of applause) to consist of about 10 people, maybe 20 tops. When there was applause, you could actually distinguish, audibly, the different people clapping, it was not like the wave that goes through a larger crowd and blends into one single, powerful sound. No, this was all for TV, and it looked pretty bad.
It reminded me, for some reason, of Hillary Clinton saying “Pokemon Go to the Polls.” Just a lame cultural reference, without any of the necessary comic timing or spontaneity needed to pull something like that off.

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