For everybody bitching non-stop about 2020 being the worst year ever (which I agree with, btw, but 2021 will be worse, and 2022 more so, until there’s actually a hurricane that visibly alters the map and humanity gets its collective butt kicked into gear), it is now 5781 in the Hebrew calendar.
Maybe that should be a sign for optimism except, of course, that that is when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died.
Here’s what’s going to happen now. I predict this with no joy, but a high degree of confidence.
First, Trump will appoint somebody. Probably within the week. It will be somebody horrible. Trump has said it will be a woman, which may appease women a bit, and at least she’s not likely to be a sexual predator like Kavanaugh, but his nod to identity politics doesn’t mean it will be a good woman. After all, Betsy DeVos is a woman.
So, it won’t be the Kavanaugh hearings redux, but the outcome will be the same. The nominee will be a horrible person, with a horrible record, and lots of Democrats will make stern, impassioned speeches against her. Nancy Pelosi may tear up a piece of paper, or something.
But, in the end, they will vote to confirm her.
It will be close, they will put on a good show, but they will vote to confirm her.
Because they are all on the same side. And it is not ours.

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