I’ve been hearing about this group for quite a while but, for a few weeks now, I’ve actually had a true believer on my Facebook feed, so I’ve been seeing all sorts of stuff about how Princess Diana is still alive and Queen Elizabeth II is actually a shape shifting lizard person, stuff like that.
I tell her I think she’s wrong, but I haven’t had any reason to block her yet. People are entitled to their opinions.
I don’t know her in real life, or at any rate I don’t think I do. She’s Czech, and I live here, so it’s possible that I know her, or know people who do. She has one of those very common Czech first names. I’ve taught classes where there were three, once even 4, women with this same first name. So, maybe she was a student of mine at some point? Don’t know. Her English is good. Better than most American Trump supporters, for sure.
At any rate, today is September 18th. I have been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks because she predicted, very confidently (read the link! open your mind! wake up!), that the internet would go down, globally, sometime between the 10th and the 17th.
If this were football (soccer, to the Americans) it would be a free kick, if this were hockey it would be a double power play, if this were a test it would be open book. All I had to do was wait until this morning and then remind her of the date.
I doubt I will actually change her mind about anything. But I did score a point which is, of course, the whole point of arguing politics with people on Facebook. So, hooray for me.

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