The New Facebook

There are a lot of people who don’t like the new Facebook layout and I am among them. In fact, I have not yet heard a single one of my 1,480 Facebook friends say “I like the new format. It makes things much easier,” or “This new format is awesome! It’s so much more appealing aesthetically!” Perhaps they are out there and I just don’t know them, but I’m fairly certain the New Facebook is very much like the New Coke, back in the day, which was so unpopular the company just scrapped the whole idea and went back to Status Quo Ante.
So, why did Facebook do it? What were they thinking?
Here’s how I see it. Maybe Zuckerfucker isn’t the almighty genius everybody always thought he was. Maybe he’s just kind of a monosavant programmer who had one great idea in college, which spread like wildfire, for reasons even he didn’t fully comprehend.
Maybe he doesn’t know what to do next, but feels he has to do something next, which puts him in the same position as most people wasting their lives away pushing paper in an office cubicle.
He could, of course, just relax, in a swimming pool filled with billions of dollars and expensive jewelry, and stop worrying about Facebook, which is doing just fine under its own momentum. For some reason, rich people almost never choose that option. The world might be a better place if they did.

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