No Low So Low

There is no low so low that they won’t go. There is no bottom to the well of police racism, nor to the complicity of the courts. It is a shameful time to be an American. It is a terrifying time if you are black.
A Louisville judge has let all of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death off the hook. Well, one was charged because one of the bullets accidentally went through a wall and into the apartment next door, so ‘reckless discharge of a weapon’ I guess. I’m not sure what the penalty for that is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘spending the rest of your life in jail,’ which would be appropriate.
That was the only charge. None of the officers were charged because of the bullets that ‘accidentally’ entered Breonna Taylor’s body, killing her. Her life meant less to them than a hole in the neighbor’s wall.
Then there was this, from the BBC article: The subsequent police report contained errors, including listing Ms Taylor’s injuries as “none” and saying no force was used to enter, when a battering ram had been used.
Those were not errors. Those were lies.

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