“I Beat the Socialist”

There is so much wrong with Joe Biden’s statement the other day:

I beat the socialist. That’s how I got elected. That’s how I got the nomination.”

First of all, it was a slap at Bernie Sanders, a man who always referred to him as a friend, the man who he deprived of the nomination, and a man who has been campaigning for him for more openly, and far more persuasively, than he has been campaigning for himself.
Second, it shows that Joe Biden is either in complete denial, or just blissfully unaware of how he actually did get the nomination: a few phone calls from Barack Obama to get some people to endorse and almost everybody to drop out, Mike Bloomberg dropping half a billion dollars, and the whole billionaire owned mainstream media chiming in with one voice. He certainly didn’t beat Bernie on his ideas, or his inspiring speech making, or because people just love, love, love his policy positions.
But the big thing, which just struck me this morning, is what it reveals about the kind of person Joe Biden is.
He is not the school bully. That is Donald Trump. He is the weenie kid who always sucked up to the school bullies. “I’m not a socialist, I beat the socialist” is exactly like “I’m not a nerd. Look, I just hit the nerd,” or “I’m not a faggot. Look, I just pushed the faggot down!”
I remember kids like that from school. We all do. Do not vote for one.

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