I had a dream last night which I’d like to get written down before it fades, completely, into oblivion. Some dreams do immediately, and all dreams lose a bit of coherence as soon as you are not in them, which I guess is also true of films, books, and real life. Memory, for most of us, is a very imperfect thing.
Anyway, the first thing I remember about the last part of the dream, because this is what I was dreaming just before I woke up and there was no doubt some preamble which I’ve forgotten completely, I was waking up and I was late for work and then next thing you know I was on a bus, moving through a horribly crowded city. Then I missed my stop because I was thinking of something else, then I missed two stops, then I got off the bus to walk back. Took a left and a left and started walking up the street.
Then I was looking for a flat, and I was in a hallway, a very long hallway, of a kind of derelict building, and it seemed that the handful of people living there were squatting. Not physically squatting, I mean squatting in the sense of finding an abandoned flat and moving in, which I spent a couple of years doing in London, a lifetime ago, and they were actually pretty good years, I met some very interesting people and had some good times.
Then I was at the door of a place in a similarly derelict building, but at the top of a flight of stairs, and there were a lot of piled up boxes, but it wasn’t a flat, it was my language school.
So I went in and thought ‘Oh, damn, how am I ever going to get students in a dump like this,’ and voila! Three seriously good looking women walked through the door. The one on the left, the blondest of the bunch,who said her name was Eva, I realized upon waking was the stuck up bitchy girl from Cobra Kai, which I’d watched shortly before going to bed, so that’s how faces wind up in our dreams, and the one in the middle, I can’t remember what she looked like at all, I had to ask her to repeat her name several times, and then to spell it -N-S-I-M-A and I said that’s an unusual name what does it mean and she was trying to explain it to me when I woke up.
That’s it, no particular world shaking significance, but I don’t always remember so many details of my dreams, so I wanted to write this down.
Have a beautiful, beautiful day.

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