Alas, Invalidovna

I’ve just seen the plans for the new Invalidovna, and it is being reported on as a done deal so I guess there’s nothing left but the bitching but, by God, I’m going to bitch.
Not only is the glass/plastic/whatever it is one of the ugliest designs I have ever seen, it is a direct offense to the 18th century home for war amputees, the site which appeared in both Hellboy and Amadeus, the landmark that gives its name to the neighborhood I live in, Invalidovna. I had thought things like that were illegal here.
It is also completely unnecessary. Whatever they’ve got planned to go inside the big, twin lego blocks they want to attach to two corners of the building as if they were chaining a rubbish bin to a statue could be done just as easily within the rooms of Invalidovna itself. Clean the building up, inside and out, some new plaster on the walls and tile on the floors, and it would be just fine.
It’s a lovely, old building. I am stunned and horrified that they want to change it.

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