If He Dies, He Dies

So, Trump has the virus, if he’s not lying, which he might be. But, let’s assume he’s not, because that leads to more interesting possibilities.
I’ve seen a lot of people on-line saying it’s not nice to wish death on anybody, but isn’t this an exception? I mean, he basically told a racist group of gun fanatics to stand by. Stand by means to be ready (which for these guys means armed) to take action (to shoot people) He said afterward that he didn’t mean it that way, but he did, and the Proud Boys sure took it that way. Added it to their logo and all.
Then there’s his taxes, and before that his lack of a response to the virus and before that kids in cages and before that…well, you know.
In many ways the world would be made a better place by him and his creepy wife dropping dead.
And, in this case, I am unmoved by the ‘think about his loved ones’ argument. His sons shoot elephants for sport. His daughter is a bimbo who thinks she’s a designer. His son in law is knee deep in all this shit.
So, I don’t care too much if they grieve. I don’t care too much if they die along with him.
But, he could just be lying. I guess we will know soon.

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