This morning I had a pedicure scheduled, it’s a great thing to do now and again and I had a bit of an ingrown right toenail. The appointment was at 9 so I left a bit earlier and mailed in my absentee ballot on the way. A very productive morning and my feet feel great.
Of course I voted Green. This should not come as a surprise to anybody who knows me. Unfortunately, I communicate with a lot of people who don’t know me and I suspect that even the people who do know me don’t know me as well as they think they know me. Probably from not reading my blog. Because anybody who knows me should know I’m voting Green. I’ve been talking about it for months.
In any event, the argument has to turn from “You’re voting for Trump!” to “You voted for Trump!” which is, weirdly, progress, because it’s a done deal. There’s no longer any need to tell me I’m a Russian Bot, or deluded, or stupid, or disloyal, or insensitive to the needs of the needy.
I’ve voted. You can’t change that.
I voted for the party that comes the closest to believing in what I believe in. And that’s how I intend to vote in future. Now you know.

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