How Does it Work?

With this monster called social media, which has the power to improve civilization and enhance our interpersonal relationships at the same time, but contrariwise can also turn us into mindless, self-isolated zombies, I am at a distinct disadvantage – a fish out of water, an old man floundering in a young people’s world, a technophobe who has, nonetheless, become extremely dependent on this technology.
In other words, I have no fucking clue how Facebook works.
I know you’re supposed to be able to block messages you don’t want to see and people you don’t want to deal with, but they don’t always make it easy. Oh, sure, if it’s just some rando in your friends list, easy peasy. Today, though, I tried to block because I don’t want to argue with them anymore. I’ve already voted, I voted Green, and I don’t need the harassment and abuse.
It took quite a while, and I had to do it more than once, and I’m still not sure I won’t get any more messages from them. We will see.
Contrariwise, I hear from so many friends that they’ve been banned from Facebook for this or that, and I think “Dayum. I say fuck all the time, and have strong political opinions which I’m sure are radically different from Mark Zuckerberg’s, and I’ve never been banned. Not completely, anyway. I’ve been turfed out of a few sites, and once barred from adding new friends for a week, but a flat out ban, never.
I’m not saying I would LIKE to be banned, but I do feel a teensy bit unrecognized.
For good or bad, I do not understand their algorithms.

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