Listening to the Other Side

I just read a medium-long screed on Facebook from a Trump supporter, and it was surprisingly grammatical and coherent. Not everybody supporting Trump is a complete illiterate even if most, and certainly the most vocal of them, are.
His (or her) basic point was that love of Trump is not so much their guiding motivation. Hatred for ‘the Democrats’ is. Now, I’m not sure I buy that 100%, from listening to them it’s obvious a lot of them think Trump is really great. But, there was something else.
He (or she) talked about black lives matter in terms of law and order, and about gay rights as an attack on that picket fence village lifestyle which never really existed, but definitely didn’t include gay people, and so on.
But what he (or she) saw as attacks on a pure America, I saw as just PC showboating.
If Democrats had truly taken BLM seriously and tried to stop the police murders, that would no longer be a problem and people would not be marching in the streets.
If Democrats had worked hard to get everybody health care, and jobs, then people would not feel so threatened.
If the Democrats had actually done some of the things Republicans accuse them of doing, the country would be better off and Trump may never have even been a factor in the first place.
But the Democrats, over the last 40 years or so, have not done shit for working class America. Trump people may not exactly have their reasons right. They are reactionary, they think with their serpent brains and lash out at anything they perceive as a threat.
But the Democrats have never been their saviors. So, it’s fairly easy to portray them as a threat.
I know my words will have little impact on this election. But, maybe the Democrats should consider this in the lead up to 2024.

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