The Fly

This blog is not a reaction to the debate, but rather a reaction to the reaction to the debate. Due to a combination of time zones +disinterest, I did not watch the vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.
But, it doesn’t seem as if many policy positions or matters of import discussed because, outside of a handful of comments talking about how Mike Pence tended to go overtime, and both of them evaded giving answers to the actual questions asked, all of the talk was about the fly, death’s ghoulish mascot, who used Mike Pence as a helipad for, what I can only assume, was the majority of the proceedings.
My initial thought was “How shallow of Biden supporters to read so much into so little, to be so easily sidetracked from issues like saving the environment, avoiding civil war, and hey, how come Trump gets away with paying no taxes?”
Then I remembered how giddy I felt that time a pigeon pooped on Tom Perez’ head, as he was leaving one of those ‘unity rallies’ with Bernie Sanders and, yes, those quote marks are intentional.
So, have your moment, Biden people. Make memes. Go nuts. It might be a winning strategy. What the hell do I know?

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