Poems About Paintings

I started this daily blog about 10 years ago as a way to encourage myself to write more, and I’ve been fairly consistent with it. I’ve missed a day now and then, this year more than ever, but it’s still going and I expect it will be until I die, which hopefully will be several decades into the future. There is no shortage of material, and it’s easier than poetry.
I’ve started other writing projects over the last couple of decades: to write a poem for every card in the Tarot Deck, to write more sonnets than Shakespeare, and a couple of others have resulted in books.
There was one project, though, that I worked on for a couple of years and then abandoned, because the theme was sort of played out and it was just more work than it was worth. That was Poems about Paintings, a web page. The idea was that paintings are very usable as a writing prompt. Even an abstract pattern, if you stare at it long enough, might inspire a few rhyming lines to float through your head. But it was too much work, I got tired of doing it, so I stopped.
Of course, since this is a thing online, it’s still there, and if anybody is interested, some of the poems actually provide insight into the universe we live in and the lives we lead. What I can’t figure out is how it continues to generate interest, given the complete lack of new content.
When I looked at my notifications this morning, it said “Poems About Paintings has 16 new likes, 2 new followers, 1 new save, and 5 new post… ” and I never figured out what came after the 3 dots. When I clicked on the notification, it took me to the page, which looks exactly like I left it, about 2 years ago, i.e. very abandoned and unchanged.
And I get notifications like that frequently.
I’m not complaining, I’m not too bothered. I just honestly don’t understand.

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