T Rex 1, Christians 0

I suppose it was inevitable. After the removal of statues of Confederate Generals, and then Christopher Columbus, it seems the backlash is coming.
A group called Christians Against Dinosaurs (well, not actually CAD, but one guy on their website) wants to tear down the statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which has stood in front of a McDonald’s in Tucson since way back in the ’90s, on the grounds that dinosaurs didn’t really exist or something.
It’s a doomed cause from the start because there are two things little kids love automatically, instinctively, and passionately: dinosaurs and McDonald’s.
But further, even if you believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, like a lunatic, and that dinosaurs never existed, so what? Do you object to statues of mermaids? dragons? Santa Claus?
Any way, the owner says they have no plans to take down the statue and the protest seems to have already fizzled. So, score 1 for T Rex. He owns that spot.

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