Toobin Caught Red Handed

Jeffrey Toobin was a writer at the New Yorker and an analyst for CNN. He is not a politician or an elected official so it’s hard to say if this will ruin his career or not. It sure won’t help.
Also to be fair to Mr. Toobin, who is undoubtedly already feeling like shit, onanism, while not considered proper etiquette in certain social situations such as a business meeting, is not a crime, and nobody was physically or materially damaged by his act. There will be no impeachment, or indictment. He was fired from the New Yorker, and is ‘taking some personal time off’ at CNN.
And all because he couldn’t wait till the end of his zoom meeting, his work zoom meeting, to start waxing the old flagpole. I’m really curious now as to what was said and in what tone of voice, by which one of the individuals present, some of whom were ladies, to send him into his squinty-eyed, monkey spanking frenzy.

“I didn’t think anybody could see me,” he said. “I thought I’d muted the video.”
LOL. Wanker.

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