Et tu, Rudy?

Of all the politicians in America who you might have suspected to be the next one with a sex scandal, Rudy Giuliani is right up there near the top.
Like with Jeffrey Toobin, I’m not really sure how big a scandal it will be. No laws were broken (The girl was not actually Borat’s 15 year old daughter, she was a 20 something actress playing Borat’s 15 year old daughter) and Rudy says that he was just tucking his shirt back in after taking off his recording equipment, and not actually pulling his dick out in preparation for sex. He could be telling the truth, I suppose. The fact that he was lying back on his bed, in a hotel room, certainly could have been construed as an invitation for the young lady to join him, but there’s no law against that.
But also like with Jeffrey Toobin, it’s funny as hell and Rudy’s self-righteous denials just make it funnier.
Besides, a politician ought to feel a bit foolish if they are fooled by Borat. It’s not exactly a new routine any more.

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