The Last Debate

Once again, due to time zones and a lack of interest, I did not watch the debate last night, so those of you who are better informed than I feel free to yell at me all you want, but here are my observations, filtered through the keyboards of random people who did see it.
Contrary to my expectations, Biden did not blow it. One person said he had a senior moment when he referred to the Proud Boys as the Poor Boys, but that’s not nearly as bad as forgetting what the constitution is called, what state he was in (multiple times), or the name of the person who was president from 2009 to 2016, and he got away with all of those. Also, poor boys rather works, as a descriptive phrase.
Trump, also, managed to deal with the new mute rule without bursting into flames. Saying he’s the ‘least racist person in the room’ is obviously untrue, but it’s something his fans don’t mind hearing him say, because sometimes they say it, too (immediately followed by “If you ast me, it’s the n****rs who are the racist ones.”
So, that was it. I didn’t hear anybody complaining about the two minute and mute rule, so that, by default, is a success.

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