Water on the Moon

Water on the moon makes a lovely headline. It would make a nice title for a film or name for a band, too. But, then you read the article and the success is a bit more qualified.
Sure, there’s water on the moon, or in the moon rather. Under the surface of the lunar ground. The news is that it might be more abundant and widespread than they thought, but they are still talking about drilling, and then maybe – we still haven’t given it the old taste test yet, nor tested it for purity (we can’t drink most of the water on Earth without special treatment) – we can get enough to service a lunar colony.
I’m all for it, though. If we can excavate the water on the moon and use it, for drinking, for washing, for crops even, then we can probably do the same on Mars, and the science we’ll learn on the way will help us here on Earth.
If we can make the moon and Mars habitable, we should be able to restore the Earth to its pristine, pre-industrial condition. Which would be awesome.

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